Monday, June 8, 2015

Today I need to examine the 3 indications of a decent man

I've gotten Motivastore Blog a few solicitations to augment my composition on "achievement and success" into the stadium of effective connections, so I'm doing a brief arrangement on the subject of connections over the course of the following week or somewhere in the vicinity.

I'm going to relate this specific article to the motion picture "The Wizard of Oz."  If you've ever had the advantage of seeing the film, you know its around a young lady named Dorothy, and her adventure to visit the Wizard (with her canine Toto). The Wizard is assume to be able to help Dorothy hit her up home in Kansas.

On her approach Motivastore Marketplace to meet the Wizard, Dorothy keeps running into three men who need help. She keeps running into a scarecrow, a tin man, and a male lion, and she consents to give them a chance to tail her on her adventure to see the Wizard.

The scarecrow doesn't have a mind, the tin man doesn't show some kindness, and the lion, trust it or not, doesn't have strength.

So we have Dorothy and her pooch Toto driving three men; three men who are hunting down a mind, a heart, and strength.

Give me a chance to rehash that, for those of you who weren't focusing, we have three men, being driven by a young lady and a puppy, attempting to discover a cerebrum, a heart, and strength.

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